2017 Dinner Gala George Washington Hotel   Saturday, November 4th, 2017


2017 Dinner Gala
George Washington Hotel

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

John A. "Sandy" Pidgeon

Sandy is a  20 year veteran from the US Navy SEAL Teams. His operational tours included SDV Team TWO (CHARLIE PLT OIC - MK-9 SDV 1989-1991), SEAL Team EIGHT (ALPHA PLT and HOTEL PLT OIC -1991-1994: Somalia and Haiti), as well as being the first co-pilot and department head of the Advanced SEAL Delivery System from 1997-2001.   Sandy worked as a Title 10 detailee to the CIA as the Chief of Personnel Recovery-Special Operations Group, Special Activities Division and has taught Intelligence Analysis to FBI Analysts in Personnel Recovery.   He has also been a counter-insurgency and maritime security/anti-piracy contractor for civilian companies overseas and deployed several times to Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has worked for the Joint Improvised Threat Defeat Organization since 2012 in the Homemade Explosives Task Force, the Continuity of Operations Group, and as a historian for the Lessons Learned Division. On the side, he and his brothers-in-law are working on a patented water purification system which is a bout to go into manufacturing.  

    Sandy came to Christ on 01 NOV 2013. As such, the Lord called him into delving deep into his faith. He recently finished a Master of Religious Education at Liberty University and is currently a Doctoral Student in Educational Ministry in Applied Apologetics at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  He also volunteers his time as a security operations officer for McLean Bible Church, and is a member of the Friends of Great Falls, a veteran's appreciation group.

    He has been married to his wife, of 34 years, Suzanne, his gift from the Lord, and they have two children, Ellie and Jack (another Pitt swimmer), Hillary - Jack's wife ( a member of the Pitt track team), and their new granddaughter, Penelope.