What is X-TAGION?

X-tagion is the fundamental theme behind all of the components of New Hope City Center; Harmony House Cafe, Friday Night Coffeehouse, Christian Counseling, Study Gatherings, Adult Tutoring, Internships and Job Training, and more...X-tagion is the Church in action.

There is more to "church" than just gathering in buildings on a Sunday. You know this to be true because as a believer in Jesus Christ you have been given a "HOLY" infection by the indwelling of the HOLY SPIRIT; enabled for contagion!

You have been born again, born from above, a new creation, given new life in Christ.
You have been given a Spirit of dynamite power that is dynamic and full of adventure!
Your DNA has changed! In your new birth you have been reconstructed!

You have new life and a new family and a new mission!

You do not belong to a church building!
You belong to the "Church",
the very living and breathing "body of Christ" on earth
expressed through His people.

Your new life has a new family...
Your family is the family of God!
Your new family has a new mission...
Your mission is the mission of Christ!
Making disciples and spreading the good news of Jesus Christ!
You have the dynamite power of the message from God that can change the lives of others just like He has changed your life! That is salvation! And you are an ambassador sent from God to minister to those around you...
Sharing food...but do not forget the bread of life
Sharing water...but do not forget the living water
Sharing clothing...but do not forget whose clothing of righteousness you wear
Sharing shelter...but do not forget whose protection you are under.

X-TAGION is intentionally spreading Christ.
Shining light in dark places.
Adding flavor to a stale world.

We, the CHURCH, are called to make a difference through CHRIST!
We MUST GET OUT from under the walls and roofs of our church buildings...

We have been given a Spirit of power through His presence that is dynamic and full of adventure! Our DNA has changed! In our new birth we have been reconstructed! Too long have most churches of western culture lay dormant in the face of the relentless CONTAGION of evil of all sorts!

ACTIVELY SPREAD our own contagion...

X-tagion...infecting our culture with contagious Christianity!

Are you up for the mission?
Do you see it?
Do you agree?
Are you willing to engage and infect?

Intentionally spreading Christ.
Shining light in dark places.
Adding flavor to a stale world.